About Us

Who We Are

New Era News, a leading information resource, is dedicated to delivering top-notch news coverage on a wide array of topics, including local, national, and global events. Established with a mission to provide up-to-date and accurate news to readers across South Africa and beyond, New Era News stands as a beacon of trusted journalism in an era crowded with diverse information sources. Committed to maintaining high journalistic standards, our editorial team works tirelessly to gather and report stories that matter. Our expansive coverage includes everything from breaking news and current events to in-depth analysis in sports, business, and entertainment, ensuring our audience is well-informed at all times.

Our Mission

The core mission of New Era News is to keep our readers ahead of the curve by providing them with timely and precise news reports. We strive to serve the public interest by upholding integrity and impartiality in our reporting. Our dedicated team of journalists and editors channel their expertise to craft news articles that not only inform but also enlighten our readers about the complexities of various issues. We aim to be your reliable source of news, helping you navigate through the vast pool of information with ease and clarity.

Our Coverage

At New Era News, our reportage spans a broad spectrum. Locally, we dive deep into South African news, capturing the essence of what affects our communities and daily lives. Nationally, we tackle larger issues shaping the political, social, and economic landscapes. Internationally, we keep our readers connected with global events, providing a South African perspective on worldly matters. Whether it’s the latest sports highlights, entertainment buzz, or business developments, our comprehensive coverage ensures that our audience receives a holistic view of the world around them.

Meet Our Team

Behind the scenes at New Era News is a team of seasoned journalists, insightful editors, and dedicated researchers who bring a wealth of experience and passion to the table. Led by Callum Botha, our team is diverse, with each member bringing their unique perspective and specialized knowledge. This diversity enriches the quality and breadth of our news, enabling us to cover stories from multiple angles and with great depth. We continuously work to enhance our journalism skills and adopt the latest technological advancements to keep up with the dynamic nature of news reporting.

Contact Us

We encourage our readers to engage with us, share their views, and provide feedback. Whether you have suggestions for our coverage, wish to report an issue, or simply want to send a note of appreciation, our lines are always open. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or visit us at our office located at 1 Adderley St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa. Your interaction makes us better and helps us serve you more effectively.